About ANEW

ANEW is a student-run movement, organized to network Adventist ministries on secular campuses in the Mid-Atlantic region. it is committed to train and equip Adventist students and young people to be missionaries on campus, proclaiming the Everlasting Gospel to everyone they come in contact with.

Since 2007, ANEW has held bi-annual conferences filled with Bible-based studies, workshops, and training. Throughout the year, ANEW focuses on establishing a growing network of campus ministries in the Mid-Atlantic that provides encouragement, support, and accountability in ministry for the students.

We currently hold two main events during the academic year: Our Annual Conference in the Fall at one of our member universities bringing together students from about 30 universities in the Mid-Atlantic region and a Network Leadership Summit in the Spring. All of ANEW's efforts are concentrated on spreading the vision of campus ministry and training student missionaries.


A great awakening of secular campuses that stand ready for the return of Christ.



  1. To provide training for students through bi-annual conferences which include Biblical messages, seminars, and networking sessions.
  2. To maintain a network for Adventist campus ministries in the Mid-Atlantic region.


  1. The Bible is the only firm foundation upon which campus ministries must be grounded.
  2. Every student on a secular university is called to proclaim the Three Angels' Messages of Revelation 14.
  3. Spiritual excellence should be combined with academic excellence.


To prepare secular campuses for the second coming of Jesus Christ.


The leadership of ANEW plans our Annual Conference held in a network affiliated university in the Fall, directs the Network Planning Leadership Summit in the Spring and works to develop the ANEW network throughout the year. It is comprised of students at universities in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States who are committed to the mission and message of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

  • Director - Juan Antialon, Rutgers University
  • Programming and Logistics Coordinator - Jason Miller, Catholic University of America
  • Secretary - Leena Daniel, University of Maryland
  • Networking and Communications Coordinator - Rahul Moses, Virginia Tech